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I'm nursing an upstart cold w/o coughing and made chicken congee. I spent the last hour since coming home from my RCV meeting looking at the music videos related to the "Donald Tsang, Please Die" phenomenon, a song written by one of my fave bands in the world, Hong Kong's My Little Airport. A few weeks ago, Tsang, the Special Administrative Region's Chief Executive, declared that he represented Hong Kong people when saying that 6/4 happened a long time ago and that Chinese people moved on.

Three days ago, they wrote a follow-up.

We discovered other music videos made by artists related to this one. Kind of like the music scene in Montreal / Quebec, it seems like everyone just know, collaborate and sleep with each other. One of these discoveries is the Forever Tarkovsky Club, which I think is made up of the two guys in duos MLA and Pixeltoy.

This is the promo video of their "semi-nude Christmas party" that never happened because police told them it was forbidden to hold public functions in private premises.

永遠懷念塔可夫斯基 - 聖誕半裸派對 from Gregor Samsa on Vimeo.

Wuzzah, Hong Kong.

(And if you want to hire me, here's my CV.)

Through the Gate from Christopher DeWolf on Vimeo.

I've known Chris mostly for his pictures and written press pieces in Montreal, but now here's what's his first video documentary that he made as a HKU student.

It's about the Jamia Mosque in Mid-Levels, Hong Kong. If you take the Mid-Levels escalator, one of the more peculiar "touristic" attractions of Hong Kong Island, the Mosque can't possibly be missed. In fact, on my first visit to Hong Kong, I had a pic of this said Mosque, taken on my "tour" of the Escalator-To-Almost-Nowhere:

Hong Kong 2002

Hong Kong is in fact a more "diverse" society than any other in East Asia, as could be seen in movies like Chungking Express.

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