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Sort of moving on

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This blog lost its purpose in the past few years, but has kept my best memories since at least 2005. In 2001-04, I was on Tripod, and a pMachine blog on this current domain!

Probably because of the most active years (2005-2008), I've posted a total of about 1200 times on, woaw.

In this era of social blogging, here's where you can find me:

From 2007, I had a blog on Chinese stuff. But since I now live in China (Hong Kong, actually), it would seem a bit irrelevant to keep updating. But I still do, occasionally.
Comme les Chinois:

I've also started blogging more seriously on work-related stuff. So, for that, I will use Tumblr:
(In 2010-12, I was hosted on my employer's domain:

Finally, I also have a portfolio that currently lacks some updating:

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