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When one thing leads to another

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I was busy looking at Yinling's work (YouTube it yourself), when I caught something about a contemporary art exhibit in Taiwan. And this happens to be curated by Cai Guo-Qiang, who happens to have an exhibit sponsored by the National Gallery of Canada, but shown in Shawinigan (I've seen the posters around this spring/summer, and there, one finally understands the need for a car). And who says Shawinigan, says Jean Chr├ętien.

Yuki - the end of shite (PV)

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Oh my gosh! I saw bits and pieces of Yuki's first solo single "the end of shite" (written, apparently, by the girl from Seagull Screaming Kiss Her Kiss Her)! ... Of course, no reaction, because nobody else saw it - but it does confirm that cute == hot in the Japanese/East Asian pop culture, and that somehow, as the article of the other day was saying, then Yuki is to Japan what Britney Spears is to the US (or should it be Ai Otsuka?). Anyways, I guess bleeding noses exploding are meant to be funny.

(Now, see it for yourself)

What is she pulling out of there? Gnomes, of course!

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