Personal sites

Tripod: - The website hosting the first webpage i ever made, and eventually became home to the "Thinking too much" blog.

Xanga: - Had a community blog there, still stalking reading stuff around.

Livejournal: - Haven't written in it at all, exists only so I can read my friends locked blogs ^_^.

Tacos: - As my "payment" for serving on best evar extracurricular involvement, I get this: huge mem storage on university-speed connection. :D

Pics site: - Also on Tacos is my pics collection...

Webforall: - I immediately hopped on the train, was one of the first few people to set up a page there. Contains record of my trip to Asia in summer 2002.

CS: - For redirection's sake.


Taskforce: - Indeed... we're the student group in charge of computer-related services to science undergrads at McGill. Was there that I learned from scratch all the practical computer stuff.

Biochemistry Undergraduate Society (BUGS): - What basically got me to *like* being a biochemie. Was VP Comm, and spent all my time there instead of studying... -_- They eventually destroyed the layout and organization of the website, so had it revived over on Tacos on a nostalgia spree, with most links up (sds-page, course pages, some pics...).

Redbooks: - A review of med school documents. The website was done a bit too quickly, most of the effort was put in formatting stuff to fit the HTML container.

MOG: - Worked there summer of 2001, and made a website for the group.

SimONU Quebec: - Short-lived was SimONU, a French Model UN held at my cegep which I helped organize during my U1 year at McGill.

Schtroumpf du Schtroumpf à Lunettes - - Apparently, there was also a time when I wrote in Brebeuf (cegep) and McGill's newspapers...