And in the meanwhile...

While I fix some issues re:Design, the old site.

And I enabled un-moderated commenting. Apparently MT is really prone to spamming, etc. Was lucky the only thing in which I got spam with pMachine was the system membership... Anyways.

So, as I was saying on the old blog, I'm going to try posting a pic per day.



Ced said:

Testing. One-two. Testing. :D

gg said:

Wow, I feel so inadequate with my _one_ little 12-inch laptop screen...

So you'll be getting a new passport too - if it's really new, not only will it be one of the scanned photo ones with the sweet wordmark hologramme, it'll also say "Foreign Affairs Canada" in the back (instead of the old DFAIT tag like on mine). And be sure to sign that signature box perfectly, that's the one they print on the ID page.

Ced said:

Heh, the signature... they make a fuss about it on the form. I wouldn't want to screw it up really. Does make me nervous.


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