Judy And Mary (and I have Christmas songs on my playlist)

I lost the habit to upload music, because it was too obvious on the webserver's logs... Well, okay, so be it.

Judy And Mary - Daydream

Clearly know the name of that band since Yao Yao the random CS girl with the J-studies minor from MIT showed me Asian pop (the Japanese variety) circa 2001. Which was quite a minor story in retrospect with at least one sort of unpredictable function over the course of my life interests. In Asian music, in travelling, in blogging, etc. It's not the first time I talk about this. Not even just twice or thrice, sounds like a recurrent story, and that girl dropped from my radar for two or three years already, sigh eh? Judy and Mary was part of one music deal we had (along with Le Couple, and a bunch of older (more pop? which I liked less?) bands I ended forgetting the name - such as Mr Children). Never quite paid attention to band. So until some song included in S' Crisumatsu mix, and other tune I got elsewhere.



Ced said:

Judy And Mary is J-punk!

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