Montreal: Cellphones...


Yes, in most Asian countries, this is an antiquity. I think that for some cultural, perhaps practical, reasons, cellphones have never achieved ubiquitousness here. I mean, a lot of people here own a cell, or some form of remote communication device, but not everyone has one. At least my impression. I would need to see usage statistics in other cities.

And this is mine phone! Smurfmatic! (look at how good I am, snapping the pic as it changes minute :D) It was top-of-the-notch in mid-2003 when I first got it. Now technology has reached Montreal, with multicolor screen cellphones with integrated digital cameras (really bad ones, but pple like my brother don't know/care - someone like me 'd be much more interested in a digital cam that would upload the pics itself, than a communication device which would happen to take pics). As far as technology goes, I'm a reasonable enthusiast. And I go for the most economical solution with optimal performance based on my current level of technical skills. (I should let my camera take a pic of itself someday...)


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