Flashback! The 90s!

The 90s plus a few years. But yeah, about the middle ages of blogging, a bit more advanced than CEGEP-times and the Voir was reporting that some people wrote about their sexual lives on the web, or the webcam phenomenon. I mean, whaa! It did headlines of the techno section I remember, once every month there'd be a feature somewhat related to cybersex and whatnot. Apparently those people have been watching a bit too much of Ghost In The Shell. They wouldn't expect that Keanu Reeves was going to reprise his Johnny Mnemonic in some pseudo-theological SciFi trilogy a couple of years later...

In any case, I'm one of those people who can do without caffeine all-right. The downside of it is of course when I do decide to drink anything slightly more concentrated than jus de chaussettes, the cAMP starts to accumulate like mad, and I can't control myself. Friday was for debutantes, I'm especially looking forward to SUS Appreciation Night, if I can use my influence to get a ticket (did I mention two of my students are SUS execs?). Really, if they do it at Molson Breweries, that would be da shit. Molson Breweries carry some sentimental value to me, like, seriously: Jan 2002, ran away from party halfway through b/c of Julie; March 2002, I won the super SSMU award for Website of the Year; Jan 2003, thought I had my first date with a girl I crushed on (S); March 2003: Taskforce won the Award for Campus Group of the Year; and March 2004, SUS appreciation night, and lots of random picture-taking with my favorite n00bs. So, of course, March 2005, if Faye/Ally's there (and if they do it at Molson), then it would just close the Molson chapter nicely and for good - besides, it's not even Molson anymore, rather Molson-Coors. *g*

So, it's because I'm uploading pics taken with the old digicam onto Tacos. I think I'm overpreparing my departure - as if my chances of never coming back were really that great, pfff.

Memories are best kept organized. Perhaps I'll be thankful the day I get Alzheimer's or meet someone I want to show all the past to. If it doesn't get obsoleted. I mean, the blog format pre-2004 is kind of poor, but In Six Apart I trust, so. Reorganized Webpic:


[music: Utada Hikaru - HAYATOCHIRI (REMIX)]

Utada Hikaru was a favourite in the end of 2001, beginning of 2002. I downloaded shitloads of music videos put online by some dude, who then probably realized how much bandwidth 50Mb+ files could pull. ^^;

(more as we go)

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