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This is "my" Taskforce crew. It's been almost a year I've stopped hanging out with them. Well, life goes on. So on the pic... Christine, Queenie, Paul, Nic K, Andrea and Charlene (and Cait somewhere on the side, or behind Nic...). Voted bestest csam pic by Rob-chair. I think it should replace the former party pic taken two years at the same event...

So the SUS exec gave me a special old-timer ticket to this "Symposium Gala" (so in the past few years it went from "SUS Appreciation Night" to this award-giving event, and moved from night at cozy resto-bar to semi-expensive drunken dinner party at the Molson Breweries). The rest of the pics, and it's of no interest to anyone besides other former CTF members (or even current) who happen to be reading my blog. ^^;


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