Montreal: 日記


(Picture of the thing I'll be carrying around Asia with me - unoriginally called "Welcome to Wonderland(u)")

I started my online journal in 2001. The protected word-processor version (b/c *everyone* must've had a protected word-processor journal), in 1999. I guess it's a thing for introverts to have. Or I don't know. Maybe a thing that people obsessed with their past use. Or those who're pathologically attracted to librarian-like professions. Hm. Number of my friends tried having a diary online, but stopped writing in it for various reasons, most notably because they couldn't find anything interesting to write anymore. I, on the other hand, always seemed to have something to tell (mostly about myself). The travel blogs are the most interesting to re-read. The rest is only good if you happen to be obsessed about me. :P Now the MT engine, and integrated file-uploader makes it even easier to operate the transformation from the text-only journal to the multimedia one. When's it going to integrate video compression/embedding?


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