Now in Morioka, small city of Northern Japan, kinda feels like Sherbrooke, but a bit bigger I suppose (or not). It's very gray today. The clouds are grey. The water is grey. The buildings are grey. The trees are grey. It is a fun city to do by foot (I'm on my own today b/c Uri is at an intensive English class given to JETs staying for a second year - it's also a get-together for JETs in Iwate, the prefecture of Northeast Japan below the one at the Northern tip of Honshu. A bit cold too, since I don't have my dear gloves...

I got my Shinkansen tickets for tomorrow (Morioka-Tokyo) and Thursday (Tokyo-Hiroshima-Fukuoka/Hakata).

So far so good, with the pictures-taking. I'm worried about later, because I suppose not all places will have computers which are fully-accessible. Anyways, I'll deal with it later... It's a good thing that I bought the extra battery, because I found out that my two old ones last for about 2 hours only... Anyways, I could always buy a new one: they're only 3000yens... So Japan isn't that expensive if you're careful...

Hmm. So Morioka is a charming little burg. Plenty of shopping (one outdoors plaza). It's sister city to Victoria BC, so I went to the downtown park (Iwate Goen) and found a totem... Anyways, it's really cold outside (5-10 degrees), I wish I could find an Uni-Qlo and get myself a scarf and pair of gloves...



The Pooh said:

Howdy. I've been pretty busy (what else is new?), but I'll write some more when I have the time. Btw, it was an intensive *Japanese* class... Although teaching some JETs English would not be a bad idea, either:p

Ced said:


You should post more pics now that you've your camera back! :P


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