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The Internet at Kinko's is 200yens per 10 minutes. I'm going to die. And the computer I'm using is restricted. Kills me.

So I was in Hiroshima yesterday, Nagasaki today, Himeji, Kobe and Osaka tomorrow, and Kyoto on Sunday, and Nagoya (for the Expo) on Monday and Tuesday. Then back in Tokyo for the last two days...

I think this place is closing soon (it's like 10PM) so I'll have to leave... Doh. Write me some comments. I feel extremely lonely on my trip so far. It's really hard not to being able to tell my minute-by-minute awe... The pics are semi-uploaded temporarily on some other site, until I have a decent computer to use... Anyways. They're going to kick me out. Sumimasen.



kiti said:

haha, it's a good thing you avoided nara. When I went there, the deer attacked! But...HIMEJIJYO was frickin AWESOME! I LOVED it, that and there was a school trip when I went there- so that meant cute guys ;) Take LOTSA LOTSA pictures (make sure to use your flash cuz I forgot mine...*sweatdrop*) >.> and then post em! So I can see your lovely picys!!! Yay! Oh and at kyoto- make sure you ride >< ooo those bicycle thingys!! And visit the stores leading up to the temple! But mostly- if you find a guy w/ a bicycle thingy who's english is AWESOME and says 'i am the engine and there is my car (xDDD)' get him! He'll take you to an AWESOME arcade (w/ DDR!!! Which is like, almost nonexistant over there)! Oooo, and there's a Totoro shop *drool* it was sooooo great! Eww, you have to TELL me all about it! Oh, and do you speak japanese? *just an afterthought*
arigatou gozaimasu!
kiti chan

wee said:

you're supposed to be lonely when traveling. to discover new thing, soul searching and self-discovery shit....

Sabina said:

Hey, I got that Sakura song for you, will ul when you want it. ^^

Ced said:

lol, ok, i am in the process of posting pics via hacks only I know of. >_> This J-keyboard is to die for,bleh.

Re Kiti, yes, pics, all I've been doing so far. I'll sleep early in premption of Kyoto.

Re Wee, ok, but not exactly what I wanted. I would've liked travelling with someone. All those couples around me are making me sick. Sorta, because usually I don't have time to care. Just saying it to sound interesting. XD

Re Sa, good thanks! I'm in Tokyo on Wed, so you can post then. XD Btw I went to the HMV and took pics for you. They are among the Kobe collection. Just took them Sat aft. (the New Order album is out, hint)


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