Osaka and Kyoto


Woaw, did Kyoto, sorta. Went earlier, because couldn't sleep anymore. One of the guys I'm sharing the room with snores. So, I passed through the night only thanks to my walkman (it's the best trick ever - figured it out from what I did on the plane :D).

The sakuras have flowered! Well, this time for real, but only a portion of them actually. Anyways, I posted the pics, they're in the PM collection for Kyoto.

Feel tired. I made an effort to buy some healthy food (fruits) in the past three days, because eating rice and seaweed all the time might be good for the waistline, but not quite for the taint of your face.

Am preparing to go to Nagoya for the Expo. Will be doing a last round of postcarding. Most of you will already have a first one from one of the cities I visited. So, I also figured a postcard from the Expo would be even cooler. :D

Random things to say? Umm. The sakuras were so nice, cute and fluffy. A girl to like and take pics with would've made my day. :P Well, all I think of? Not exactly. Going on a trip overwhelms my senses already. There isn't much room for premeditation. Simply great, but could be greater I'm sure. Gneh, anyways.

Am a bit fed up with Japanese cities. They all look the same. So much concrete.

OH, I WAS GOING TO FORGET. Because people here have the tendency to banalize them. But there was an earthquake an hour ago. A previous one too when I was in Fukuoka (that one registered 4.5 - I was at Kinko's... so it shakes, and the staff stare at each other for a bit, and laugh one second, and get back to work). It's really "great" experience.

Osaka's a desolate city. The YH is ultra-modern (built last year), but the neighborhood behind the Shin-Osaka station is a wasteland of noodles shops and concrete residential buildings. They try hard, they re-did the road, put some flowers, but you can scratch the paint off...


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