I'm in Hangzhou, happily using the Internet at a "Pacific Internet Cafe". First thought it was the China version of the HK chain, but in fact is some shady Internet cafe on Jiefang Road a few blocks from the side of West Lake (Xihu) where locals play video games or surf the web. It's full, and we're like 3PM on a Monday afternoon (don't they have school too?).

Oh well, I've been walking on my own in the city of Hangzhou, one of those "small towns", which is still probably larger than Montreal in population. It's a nice city, still with plenty of trees like I remember it, and everything seems a bit newer. A version of the Shanghai Xintiandi opened on the shores of Xihu.

Two days before we were in Shanghai. Visited plenty of places. Not exactly the same places at the same time of the day, which makes it even more pleasant.

I can't post pics, seems like they disabled the Plug and Play capabilities. Oh well.


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