Another one of those odd requests

Okok. So to make my trip more entertaining, I'm taking requests for pictures from HK (or wherever else I might go to). Anything, anyone? [Of course that sort of scheme never works, because nobody cares enough - I may suggest things like, um, take as many pics of the inside of garbage cans, or photos of taxi cabs, but don't ask me something like pics of beautiful girls in the street, b/c I dare not do that in my own country >_>]

In other news, I am turning off unregistered commenting, because of you-know-what suddenly sprouting. So have fun registering. If it doesn't work, then, eeh.

(I catch the local marks of hesitation pretty quickly, like "eto/ano" in Japanese, and "eh" in Canto.)

And flirting with history, I took the Kobe line three weeks ago, and wheezed past Amagasaki (recognizable b/c the kanji for "saki" is the same as in Naga"saki"). I thought I stopped there, but it was rather on the trip from Kyoto to Shin-Osaka that I left the rapid express and took a local (one of those beautiful mistakes).

Edit: And! The Nanjing Airport, probably the same one I used to China on Saturday is now used today (Tuesday) to ship the Taiwan Opposition chief on the Mainland!


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