Hong Kong - Causeway Bay (Tong Lo Wan)

(Causeway Bay district)

A first view of Hong Kong. This is Causeway Bay (on HK Island), or "Tung Lo Wan" in Cantonese. I'd say it's like HK's Ginza. One of the most expensive advertisement spot in the world is in Causeway Bay, at the intersection of Hennessy Road and Jardine's, with the Sogo at the center of it. Currently Nicholas Tse is advertising some sort of amino acid based lotion, and three years ago, it was the Twins for their then-new album. My aunt lives up the hill from Causeway Bay, up Tai Hang Road. Seemingly a popular area for expatriates, as I heard German, French, Mandarin, probably Filipino, spoken on the minibus. Quite refreshing to feel that HK is also somewhat multicultural.


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