I went to see Eros, particularly for the segment by Wong Kar-Wai, played by Gong Li and Chang Chen. A movie about love, lust, erotism, obviously. Three short movies of 30-45 minutes on the theme of seduction and sensual pleasures, and kind of very depressing when you go by your own. But it's for the intellectual value of the experience.

The Wong Kar-Wai section, what's new, is set in the HK of the 60s, with the moody music I am still not proactive 'nough to buy at rebate on the streets of Mong Kok (or even at the HMV in Tsim Sha Tsui or Causeway Bay, sigh), and the seedy appartments, ah the seedy appartments... and the ever-raining HK, which isn't so different from today's. After seeing it, you can now be certain that he is teh obsessed about the 60s. Gong Li as a deluxe hooker on a downward slope as she falls in love with her tailor, Chang Chen.

The Steven Soderbergh segment was played by Robert Downey Jr, and hardly worthy of the III ranking the movie received here in HK. It was more of a theatrical exercise, and a very entertaining one, in which a man talks about the recurrent "erotic" dream he has to the psychanalist, while he seems more interested by something happening outside the window. It was funny. And I appreciated the alternance between scenes in color and in black and white (it happens in the 50s).

The third one was by Michelangelo Antonioni, who I don't know, but is apparently a well-known director with films produced in the 1940s. A story about the commitment of marriage and how you may find living with one person - sleeping with one person - for several years can lead to a feeling of monotony. And so it's the story of a rich couple w/o kids, in their late 30s, in vacation in Italy. Then they just see that woman riding/herding horses at lunchtime. There's a menage a trois described in synopsis, but it's more of a symbolic menage a trois. You get breasts dancing around on an Italian beach, as a praise to female esthetics.

It's not Nine Songs. On the other hand, I can't stop myself from laughing at HK pseudo-pr0n, like Sex and Zen, haha. I'm not the only one, right? There's this cultural thing about making fun of the seriousness of pr0n; where am I putting my finger on?

(In other news, the sequel to T-Miike's One Missed Call (but no longer his) is out in HK, there's also a new (scandalous) movie by Tsai Ming-liang called the Wayward Cloud, and who the hell's that new cutie on the block Fiona Sit snger and all around town on the promo posters for "2 Young".)


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