Guilin and Singapore (update)

I am flying for Guilin on Thursday night, and probably will be going to Singapore sometime before returning home. Either the week starting May 26th (Thursday), or the one starting June 1st (Wednesday). I need to juggle visiting the Mainland and Macau in between. I can't think of other places I could afford going. It could be South Korea, or Taiwan, but I'm not so interested in other modern cities.

I want to see Singapore because I've friends there (and some who might not even be there when I go -_-), and it's one of those really "special" cities, in its obsessional cleanliness and reputation as a tightly-controlled city-state. I want to see how true it is. If HK is Chinese-run, and Singapore is also Chinese-run, how similar are they?

I also went to the beach today, on my own. Repulse Beach, I think? Chin Shui Wan in Cantonese. I'm not even sure which beach I went to, there was no sign anywhere. In any case, it's a soundly-run beach facility, with a two-stories first aid and showers/changing room facility. It's got Wellcome, Mannings and 7-Eleven stores just between the Repulse Bay Road and the beach.

Tomorrow I'm going to the China Travel "cha hui" to pick up my free gift and have a first-hand impression of my tour-mates. Yes, woohoo. It's at 10:45 in Sheung Wan, so I have to wake up at 9AM? Meh, oh well. I forgot to call back my uncle for lunch. Bleh...


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