Revenge of the (Net-)Surfing Addict

I saw it. It was a 40HKD bargain, with people speaking and handphones ringing during the showing, and with only a handful of people who showed up, probably b/c everyone's working at 11:30AM, or that they already bought the VCD/DVD in Mong Kok.

I am in Chek Lap Kok airport, at the free Internet booth. I will not be staying in Japan, it costs too much (100 charge + 28 airport tax + 150 handling), so instead I'm supposed to stay one or two more weeks in the Land of Dreams or Opportunities (pick one). Which poses the question: where am I going to go, and what am I going to do? But I am fully booked until Thursday the 2nd, after coming back from Singapore...

I don't feel anything, if you are wondering. The complaining of a week ago, of a month ago, subsided. I'm now just enjoying my trip. Every day, I go somewhere new, and I think that should be the objective to achieve. Hong Kong might seem dull, but it's just because I haven't been everywhere yet, and that I've been too much to the familiar places (Causeway Bay and most of HK Island, and Tsim Sha Tsui and Mong Kok, and the freakin' Airport). Going to the beach is one fun activity.

I've been reading in the SCMP that there's a HK music scene, but even the artists think the HK crowd is a boring one (for worshiping Canto pop like a religion). They say they don't dance or cheer during their gigs, which are supposed to be "gigs". I'm going to seek more about that so-called "scene". It can't be as bad as S says about the Shanghai scene. I might as well, I mean, even A suggests that I try. And I have to stop naming people by their first letter only, bad habit carried over since CEGEP when we thought it was funny to imitate MIB dialogues (and then, Austin Powers'). G33ks.

There's food too. I am going to miss good Asian food.



gg said:

That reminds me, I should get around to seeing Episode II sometime... no, haven't even seen it yet. I _am_ a Star Wars geek, of course... just a overworked busy geek is all.

Do you notice that the body text font of the SCMP is the same as (or at least pretty close to) the Globe and Mail? At least it was last year, I don't know if they had a re-design lately.

Hurry up and get to S'pore - can't wait to see your pics!

Cedric Sam said:

The SCMP == G&M ? I do read it everyday, it's a great newspaper, and I missed it a lot when I left HK for the first time. Dragonair (flew with them to Guilin) gave us the Financial Times (pink-coloured paper - I always wondered why, if not for legibility or just eye-catchiness on the newstand), the International Herald (the HK version - but Japan has its "own" by Yomiuri Shimbun) and the SCMP for free... Lots of stuff to read in the next few days. English-language newspaper are a blessing in HK, I can't really be satisfied with Montreal's dailies, French or English-language...


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