Judy and Mary - The Great Escape

(Judy and Mary - The Great Escape)

There was previously no explanation made, but my dad had the same reaction that I would've had seeing this lone entry with a link that the site could've been hacked. Which is a cool thing that parents thing like you (after all, one is their flesh and blood).

Well, the new music I had since getting to Asia has almost been exclusively sang by Yuki, formerly of Judy and Mary. It's a band that started in the early 90s, until the end of the decade, and specialized in this sort of pop/punk/rock/ska-whatever sort of music. No, not quite The Brilliant Green, but I think about the same level of (relative) notoriety, and identically with the lead singeress going solo afterwards (Yuki has become more pop/mainstream, while Tomoko, well, a bit less of it ^^). I can single out RADIO and Daydream as some of my favourites on their Best Of album, "The Great Escape", but I haven't really compared the song titles of others I liked. They're generally the more upbeat, fast-paced ones, versus some of the ballads. Not a big fan of J-ballads.


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