The sun shines again

And the sun shone again. So it was today, unannounced, a relatively sunny day between the passing clouds.

(Take a camera, put it in a room with air-con overnight. Take it out into the heat, dampness. Take photo. Haze caused by instant condensation on the inner lense guaranteed...)

I took the tram down to Sheung Wan, and clamb the stairs up Mid-Levels. I reached the HK Museum of Medical Sciences, which had an exposition on the 100 days of SARS (two years ago, on June 23rd, the WHO took HK off that infamous list of infected cities). By chance, I caught a talk given by a Dr So, who was actively involved during the epidemic (if I came a week earlier, then I would've caught the head of the micro department of HKU).

But that was it. Not a very consequential day for a Saturday. My aunt just passed by me and reminded me I said I would be going out tonight, and which I don't currently feel like doing, because I'm tired and because there's nobody to accompany me (while everyone and their mothers tell me to experience HK nightlife... do I look like a social animal?).

(All of today's pics)


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