Tai Tau Fat (大頭佛) & my little airport

Dropping by Kubrick, the small cafe/bookstore/musicstore nextdoor from Broadway Cinematheque, I noticed the HK indies music stand. So, after reading about it in the newspaper, the rumours of an underground scene in HK weren't so exaggerated after all. ^^; I purchased two albums, almost randomly, trying not to pick something electronic without vocals, or a Canto-rap album. So here's what I got:


The one on the left is my little airport. Chose it because the title rings like "my little lover" in my head. It ended up being a boy/girl (not as advertised on the cover) indie/electronica duo (the boy, who goes by "P", does most the composing, and the girl, Nicole, does the vocals). I also bought it because of the title, mind you, which I semi-understood in my semi-novice Chinese (it said, in my head, "the normal thing to do on a Sunday afternoon is to whatever-whatever" (to toddle, says translation on the back)). In fact I like the songs, if only the arrangements could be a bit better, but then what's to expect from indie... Anyways, try the title song, track number 2 (their website has samples, and so do I), which made the Top 10 of the pop charts (which I gather from an interview in the Young Post in the Sunday SCMP). A mix of English and Cantonese tracks, according to the song titles.

The other album I took home was Tai Tau Fat. Which is "big boss Buddha" in my equally semi-novice Cantonese? This is a foursome, like Judy And Mary and No Doubt were: three boys, one girl, and in my limited musical scope, has a sound remindful of those two bands? Whatever. Good music (they call their style "cutie rock", so that's typical Judy And Mary to me: more reasons to like them), and lyrics are all in Cantonese; it's pleasant to hear music in that language which sounds original... Why did I select the album? Well... the cover was that intense red, and the band's logo imitates that of HK fast-food chain Cafe de Coral (大家樂) ... ^^;


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