Underwater (July 14th)

My father brought the camera along on the second dive trip yesterday. We saw a lot of the same things. I guess it's pretty special the first time, and then it has to start boring you a bit. Corals, fishies, more corals. On the last bit, as I was running out of air, and had to be towed back to the ship, I quickly saw a family of clown-fishes (they are common, but you rarely see their youth).

A couple of butterfly fishes about to "kiss".

Plenty of those small red fishes near the big rock formation.

Huge angelfishes (says my cousin, evaluating their size with his fingers). Amazingly, we saw some in packs in these waters.

A landscape of corals.

A big huge clam, stuck inside a rock or piece of coral. Very common.

Yellow fish, corals.


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