Wasting time at the HK public library

I'm "babysitting" my cousin Nicholas at the HK Central Public Library in Causeway Bay, right down the hill where my Aunt Nathalie lives. I've not yet seen the Grande Bibliotheque of Quebec in Montreal, but this library I'm in is pretty huge, and tall.

I'm now on one of the LAN Workstation - the same ones I used back in 2002 for most of my postings.

I'm still prepping up to go back home. I just checked my baggage allowance on JAL - it's got a section about "carry-on baggage", and another about "free baggage allowance: checked baggage". At first, I understood that I could have one carry-on of 10kg, and two check-in of 32kg ea.; but that sounds a bit excessive - especially when Asian airlines, for inter-Europe/Asia/Africa flights, only allow you 20kg of checked-in stuff... Excessive indeed. I need to call them.

I'm to leave the territory at any time. My uncle invited me over to his flat, along with Nat and Nic and perhaps uncle Peter if he can make it on time from the factory in Shenzhen.

My feet smell like HK again (it was meant to happen - even after 3 weeks spent in the drought), and both sides neighbors peeked at me when I tried putting my right foot up on my left leg...


I don't know. I liken this to the end of a relationship. Hong Kong is rejecting me - but it could be that I am rejecting Hong Kong, just by lack of true enthusiasm and go-getting-ism. Having stayed here almost 3x the length of last time, I could probably expect the effects to be even more long-lasting that last time. But what if I did everything, and this was just the fling I needed to get over it?

I've mentally prepared for coming back. My bags are packed (roughly stuffed - but I know I have space), and I'm almost ready to go. I've sporadically job-hunted back in the country of the cold, but I could probably find something: I assume that the job market must be pretty good, since noone is mentionning it in the news. And I have friends I want to see. And I have the feeling Montreal is not so bad, when you're enthusiastic about it. All a question of how much you can self-motivate.

Anyways. Wasting time all the time is not an easy thing to do (on a small budget).


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