Du pain et des jeux, and more sleep required

S called me a second time for the picnic on Ile Ste-Helene... And I was in the neo-FFVI part of my dream. Right after my characters transferred to the other side of the portal (in Civ3 mode, no less), I followed randomly suspicious monster-dude/Great Evil Lord around into its dungeon, just to find myself in a battle with the boss music, and my party stuck defending a Rosa-lookalike (it was a white mage, that I can be sure), forming the line behind her, while the Great Evil Lord took shape (in all its neo-FFVI splendor).

Whatever neo-FFVI means. All the FF have been bleh to play since FFVII. Maybe the next great thing will be on a portable system?

(Neo-FFVI means using this sort of FFVI-sprite-based video game, but in better resolution. Like a sort of 8-bit Theatre, if rendered into a game in PS3, say... You know, like that Mario Paper or Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga retro?)


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