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I am someone relatively soft regarding political opinion, but I am also someone who likes to gather information from all sort of newspapers, current affairs magazines. Reading about politics, how the world is going, has something inherently "fun" to it, just like someone likes following showbiz or sports.

Anyways, among the things that caught my attention this weekend:

1- The death of Justice Rehnquist: I don't trust that Roberts guy, who was originally supposed to replace O'Connor, a Republican, named by Reagan to do the deed for the Conservatives, but who turned out less prone to advance the conservative agenda after all (a fair judge, as they are expected to be, in the purest of all intentions). He is now Bush's nominee to replace Chief Justice Rehnquist... There's nothing to indicate he's as conservative as they think he is, because there is no way to know (except that he was nominated by Bush), until he actually starts rulling on cases as a Supreme Court Justice. the guy's pretty young too, and SC judges are appointed for life. Scary, eh?

2- Gas prices (and War in Iraq). Hmmm, I angst against the people who're against the war in Iraq and complaining that their gallon is above 3USD (it's almost 1.50CAD per litre in Canada), which is still much cheaper than anywhere in Europe where it's about twice the price. There's a moral price to pay to sustain a sort of lifestyle. To me, misery in the Third World is tightly related to how comfortably we live and waste on the non-essential. I am part of that, and when I think about it, it makes me sad. So, soaring oil prices? Just learn to do without cars. I am going to get my license this month, but I'd rather live in a city where mass transit is more ubiquitous.


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