My Little Airport - Tim, do you really wanna make a film?

my little airport - Tim, do you really wanna make a film

The beginning reminds me, for a lack of musical references, Belle and Sebastian's Sleep The Clock Around (what I'd like to do tomorrow - actually, I'd like to go out and PARTAY! It's Saturday night after all :P). A nice composition, sung in beautiful HK-glish with a tint of Cantonese in the bg at the beginning. (The B&S ref must be the beat and use of fwe-fwe's) The sound is kind of getting old, but the new single of the new album (something like "I was too nervous back then") is refreshingly different from the other tracks I've heard (this one, and the AV one). SHE MENTIONNED CAUSEWAY BAY! ~faints~ One has to cheer for the home team (indie music) when the rest of the crowd is booing or just looks the other way. Oh, damn you HK for you lack of musical taste...



wayne said:

Hi, the song "Tim do you really wanna make a film" sounds good!
but i can download it.
can you send it to me?
thx a lot!
My Gmail is
and my MSN is

Waiting for u!~

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