Sleep is such an overrated thing

I made a serious attempt to sleep early (4:30AM) and failed miserably. Therefore I'm fighting fire with fire, and skipping my turn tonight... Usually that works to unscrew me, while causing me to experience jet-lag-ish symptoms. Anyways, I've got work to do. :P (Let's see if I can last a full day)

(Chomping on cold crisp grapes found in the fridge - hope they were not somebody's...)



Cedric Sam said:

Oh fuck me, I didn't even last more than the time of a REM cycle. >_> But anyways, here I am back up for new adventures. :D


fiona said:

I've been trying to go to sleep early--as in 1:00 or 2:00 too! Most of the time I fall asleep around 5:00 because I was in the midst of a really good book and couldn't put it down.

On Tuesday I did just stay up all night, but ended up crashing around 4:00 pm for a three hour nap.

Hey, were you responding to me when you mentioned the secret music vault? 'Cause that would be awesome.

Cedric Sam said:

Yes, I was responding to you! It's a huge stack. I've 30 Gb of storage on a computer on campus bandwidth as an alumni to some student group (of which, 10Gb goes towards my asia 2005 pics ^^). Anyways, you'll see what we have up there...


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