Montreal on a sunny Wednesday afternoon


Flickr has it all.

Went downtown to finish up my shot complement for Hepatitis B life immunity (teh Life Immunity), and then descended to the copies place to print the damn bioinfo manual (<3). In front of the university's main entrance, bumped into former girl of my dreams, wearing mouse ears (or, more probably, Totoro ears :D), fundraising for the local SPCA (and gave her a quarter, mainly for the ears). Then went up to the lab to chillax with the former / kind of still colleagues. Afterwards went to the fine arts museum to see the exhibit by Canadian artist Edwin Holgate (a member of the Group of Seven, he also made many portraits - known to paint in big patches of color with well-defined contours, interestingly close to comics-style, one with pop references would say). Had dinner by myself at the "jiaozi place", officially known as Ravioli de Manchuria (semi-French, semi-English, all-Montrealer :D). Walked the whole useful length of Ste-Cath. Met up with Wee for 20 minutes of bubble tea at the Cactus, and then strolled around Vieux-Montreal just for the sake of seeing what a tourist place looks like in the middle of September, on a weekday night after 9PM.

What a day. And with only 6 hours of sleep, broken in half by a phone call from a certain familiar but unknown number at 8:30-ish. I get a glimpse of what life would be like if I were busy... Do I want to be busy? Currently, I'm saying, yes of course! Give me as much busy as you will! Work hard, party even harder. A salary to use, some good time to have. Sounds like an ideal train-train quotidien, to me currently, now, at least (until the adventure gene expresses again).

Hockey craze is back in Montreal. Second friggin' pre-season game has been won 6-1 against Stanley Cup champions of 2003-04 (to those who care, and from outside Canada, there was a lock-out in the NHL the entire last season) Tampa Bay Lightning. New rookie sensation, 18 years old Guillaume Latendresse (it always felt weird to know that the English equivalent for "Guillaume" was "William" - they have such different generational connotation to my bilingual mind) scored twice and assisted once, and is now lauded as better than the other 18 years old superstar-to-be Sidney Crosby. Ok, like everyone else in town, I hope the kid makes it to the NHL this year, without choking, and perhaps captures a Calder trophy for the Canadiens (who, during the entire 90s decade screwed up every single 1st round choice they had). Woooh, hockey.


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