Everyone! Get OpenOffice!

Google and Sun double-team Microsoft.

It's twofold. I've been feeling bad about pirating MS Office or anything for that matter (everything on this computer is free, besides what runs it :P). And I am a MS-Hater. So... The new OpenOffice 2 will be out in a matter of weeks, if not days, as it's at its "release candidate" stage. I'm not sure if it's superior or inferior to MS Office, but so far it has done perfectly what I wanted it to do (produce a ~100 pages book-like document) with a minimal amount of adaptation (more from writing in text-only to formatted text). It's free, and much prettier than OpenOffice 1.1. It's the shizzah. Go download! GO!

After exhausting jpop, indiepop, québécois pop, frenchpop, I've reverted to teary sappy Cantopop?! (I need new music)

[music: Fiona Sit - A boy like you]


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