Summer in the middle of October


And it's called L'Été des Indiens (Or Été Indien - Indian Summer). XD It's a climatic phenomenon affecting Northeastern North America every year except for once every four-five years or so, whereas, at varying intensity, after weeks of constant cooling off during September (not really this year), a sudden streak of hot days swings along so that one can mend broken hearts with beloved summer before it departs for good, FOREVER (until May, and June on some sucky years). Might be 26ºC tomorrow, and forecast to be 23ºC and then 26ºC again on the following days, but it's going DOWN to 14ºC on Friday and we're dying at 2ºC on Sunday. T_T

Pictures, while it lasts (requires Flickr registration for some pics). (First it was me hanging out by myself, downtown and McGill campus. Meeting S on St-Laurent at 5:30, then E at Metro Sherbrooke at 6:30, and T at 7. We had some Chinese Eatery food in Chinatown, and moved on for random fun at the Palais des Congrès, of all places, that esthetically drool-inducing retro-futuristic monster they built within these past five years. Finished it off at that fire-blowing water fountain / art object designed by Québec artist JP Riopelle).


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