Uighur Restaurant

There's a Uighur restaurant in Montreal that opened October 15th, in case you're fed up with Cantonese and "Szechuan" Chinese cuisine when dining in Chinatown. It's on East side of St-Laurent, slightly south of De La Gauchetière, where there used to be "Asie Moderne", and which was a prosperous dim sum / Cantonese 酒樓, of what I gather from my child memories.

In a nutshell, for those who never had Uighur food, it's the perfect fusion of Chinese and Arabic cuisine. The menu will have fried Shanghai noodles, or mutton and bok choi stir fry; but as well as fried kebab. Wee also points out that as a Japanese restaurant will serve seafood in everything, at the Uighur restaurant, you better be a fan of mutton. Had that cabbage & mutton stir-fry, mutton skewers (giant, compared with those at the dumplings place), a Shanghai noodles (拉麵) fried Uighur-style (with bits of mutton), and dumplings with cumin-seasoned meat (which I could almost bet is, or has a bit of mutton).

I can only suppose it isn't a coincidence that all these non-Cantonese-owned restaurants keep popping up. It's for the very least refreshing to be able to eat more and more food departing from the usual generic American-Chinese stuff, a trend fueled by more discerning palates immigrating to this city.

(As a consequence of working (and exercising, err?), I think, I re-attained my weight range of before Fall 2004. Gah!)



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