Brazil and letting the MSG perform its due

I suppose Brazil was weirder and destroyed more carton board sets than Time Bandits did. I was going to say it's the stuff my dreams are made of. Not the substance of it, just the feeling of it (the claustrophobicity), dark interiors, and that feeling of being trapped in an industrial expanse. Not quite. I wanted Brazil to end, b/c the popcorn felt cold, dry and bland, and b/c noone likes to be reminded of what the land of their bad dreams is made of.

I'm not sure whether it helped to destroy a perfectly going day, but was there too much msg soya sauce in that 干炒牛河 ("gon chao ngau ho" - beef noodles stir-fry)? A place in Chinatown II near Concordia, opened by one of the waiters from that 京都 ("Beijing", although it's "capital city" if translated properly) restaurant we used to go to a lot, and who saw me and my brother grow old. To be fair, the seafood udon soup seemed quite fine, even with perfectly green baby bok choi cut in quarters, and a variety of other things in it.

I have the Winamp on shuffle (like the Habs' lines when things aren't working). So I hit this Macross Christmas song from someone's Xmas mix...




gg said:

I _love_ Brazil, it's my favourite film _ever_. I was going to make a bunch of T-shirts with those slogans from the posters, eg "Help the Ministry of Information Help You", "Suspicion Breeds Confidence", etc. Not my original idea, there was an improv theatre group back in high school that did that (that's how I found out about Brazil in the first place), but cool nonetheless methinks. Esp if someone actually notices it and gets the joke. I also use names from Brazil all the time in patient case scenarios, eg Sam Lowry, Tuttle/Buttle, etc. No one's ever picked up on that though.

smurfmatic said:

"Don't suspect a friend, report him"

Check section 9 of this.

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