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A grandiose flying-away, on my own, to Japan, a stopover between here and Wonderlandu, a buffer between Occident and Orient.

5th sentence from my 23rd entry, back in March 2005. It was three weeks before leaving for Asia, to Japan, on my way to HK, before the true beginning of wacky adventures in the land of yellow people. The trip was special, indeed. I talked about it a lot, yet I feel as if I didn't really talk about it. Probably b/c there aren't so many people who can relate somewhat precisely with what I experienced. So, you know, coming from a place where you don't have any ancestral roots, and going on a long trip to discover the world, somehow. It's not exactly home, but people look like you, speak in the language which you, as a child, was the only language you knew (a combination of environmental determinisms would then make me totally fluent in French or English - but I struggle to have an intelligent conversation in Cantonese, let it be Putonghua). Etc. In any case, do not force yourself to be what you can't be - and besides, I enjoy being fluent in both Canada's official languages, such that I can understand nerdy jokes on La Première Chaîne *and* Radio One. Someday, you just want to share your true amazement at getting xiao long bao for 10RMB for a bowl of 16 big ones, or at the poutine they sell in Wan Chai (for 50HKD - the costliest, ugliest poutine I ate in my entire life), or at the micro cars that are the norm in Japan and which are the first models that can convince you to get a driving license.

Tagging! (The reason why I never do memes - other than b/c nobody tags my singleton blog - is that I am always a bit insecure about the responding part. Rejection is such a hard thing. I need more practice.)
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