Debugging is like a bad joke in a dungeon video game

Just as you fought for several hours (if not the whole day) an error that ends with "Service exit with a return value of 1", you think, gee, maybe if I changed the permissions of the directory (and so you do), and it returns a "Service exit with a return value of 122". _O_ (I am talking to myself)

Edit (a few mins later): Holy fuck, the return value of 122 was just b/c the daemon was already running - after I just set the Java install dir from 644 (read-write for all) to the correct 755 (world-executable) and restarted Tomcat again to see. After I restarted it once again, the server worked just as it did before! I can't believe I spent the night up (to learn all that had to be learnt on Tomcat, daemons and the intricacies of Java installation) just b/c of a stupid permissions mixup!! >:O I have my lesson: never underestimate permissions.



Tenzin said:

5am! ahhh ur crazy! i stayed up til 5am last nite playing WoW :P

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