Spruce beer

Apparently, I've read an article on spruce beer this week, and I am still wondering: would I dare go on one of those culinary trips for spruce beer (in memory of the Maurice Richard era et al.)?

In the funky non-alcoholized drinks category, there was this rice milk drink thing from that Mexican restaurant ("horchata", says Google).

Can't keep repeating this: I revolutionized the cooking of congee in this household (my parents would not admit it - but then how hard was it to marinate your rice with coarse salt and oil?). That's like, lesson for the day of a lifetime, bring a small adjustment to something you've only found meh previously in your life (same as with bak choi: fry them, don't overcook it - contrary to what we've always done - and the result is surprising (although only if you've always been boiling or overcooking Chinese veggies previously)), and you will never see it again the same fashion. So until the day my own kids teach me how to reinvent the eating of toasts and eggs or something... (But actually, it's more like, one has actually started paying attention to congee b/c he's been to places where entire restaurants could afford to serve it as a speciality - now that's a cultural shock!)

In any case, I started cooking the congee downstairs (in our rice cooker). I may have swung back my sleeping "disorder" into order - will go back to bed and see. It will be ground beef congee. Mmmm.


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