[music: Jean Leloup - Johnny Go (remix)]

In 1999, I remember liking a song by Bran Van 3000 (a Montreal-based band that knew fame around the world?) called "Drinking in LA". There's a music video of Johnny Go, featuring the BV3000, on that DVD with the Jean Leloup anthology "Je joue de la guitare". I tried remembering the tune, but all I could remember was them mumbling some stuff at the beginning of the song (well, it's sort of rap - the best description I could give to it).

In 1999, I remember it was my last cegep year. When I look at youths who are my age back then, I can't forget how socially inept I was. Perhaps the best mood-heightener would be, as one friend served me (as I recalled 1999 last year or so), that while the people your age could have been so socially advanced, perhaps you self-improved in other domains (like at some of those skills at putting together a student newspaper). But I don't often appear my age. Even my first name, Cedric, is a popular name, not in my generation, but of people 5-10, or even 15 years younger than me.

In other news, I've discovered reflection, a property of certain computing languages to reflect upon themselves at runtime.

Maybe I give too much credit to other people... Coming of age is a gradual thing. One doesn't wake up an adult the next morning (except in Big, perhaps :D). When you reach a certain "adult age", would seem that everyone else doesn't look as impressive as they would've looked like. La vie devant soi. I curse the people who plan for retirement at 17. :P


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