Bumping into HK's protest marches

One was the commemoration of 6/4 (and then I was on one of the shots taken by local cameras, retransmitted around the world), and the other was the very anti-climatic 1st of July march. But today's was larger than expected [of course, I wasn't there - I was in a different country]. Interesting to see what's going on. It's like being there when the anti-Japanese protests in Mainland China occured last April (it coincided with my first tour to China, in the Shanghai region, and I did see some broken windows of Japanese restaurants - in Hangzhou, probably owned by unlucky Chinese entrepreneurs...).



gg said:

There's a passion behind protest marches that's totally absent in Canadian politics. I mean, in one way I'm thankful that the state of things here is that protest marches maybe aren't necessary... but still, even behind the most sparse, ragtag "manif" there's a passion for public life I still admire. People thinking about more than just themselves, but the greater good of society. I wish we saw it more often.

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