Rofl, lol, it's elections in Canada!

As reported on Radio-Canada, the Bloc is digging up dirt on Paul Martin's Quebec lieutenant (and former Bloquiste) Jean Lapierre!

I was awaiting the survey on Canada since it was announced last summer, and the timing couldn't be better. Also, a story of the Quebec sovereignist movement for non-Quebecers/Canadians. "...few immigrants -especially the dynamic Asians- want their children to learn French rather than English.", which is neither a sad thing, or happy thing, just a demonstration of socio-political realities. I don't hate speaking better French than English, but did I have a thought I'd rather have my descendents (if they were to exist) speak Chinese? What a strange thought - I shall never have it again.

Woaw, Gilles Duceppe's got wide shoulders!


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