L'Entrecôte St-Jean

Went to eat at L'Entrecôte Saint-Jean with Steph, another classic of the Montreal foodscape on Peel Street near De Maisonneuve. Not as famous as Schwartz, but as one review points out, while you won't see "SMOKED MEAT" in thick black pen on a white sheet of paper as the only thing on the menu (b/c it isn't), you could think of doing that for L'Entrecôte with the only main dish they serve: steak frites (a tender one, was really good when served raw). And basically, that was the menu: a "table d'hôte", which consisted of a Soupe du Jour (a heavily buttery carrot cream), a minimalistic lettuce salad with a light oil & vinegar dressing plus walnuts, the steak frites, and chocolate profiteroles to top it off (you get a "special entrecote" version for 17 something, which is the aforementionned, less the soup and dessert). The restaurant looks like what one of those French bistros looks like, complete with the light blue and white meshed pattern tablecloth and high mirror-covered walls. Full on a Monday night. $22.40 for the Table d'Hôte, before taxes and tips.



Olivier Hamard said:

Hey Cédric,
this is your cousin Olivier. I was just surfing on the web and taking a look at your website/blog/photos...Seems really cool the life in Montreal !
As you may know, I am currently doing my MS in Electrical Engineering at Georgia Tech in Atlanta. If your trips lead you to Atlanta or Florida, just stop by the house, you are of course very welcome cousin !
I wish you and the Sam family all the best for 2006 and hope to see you this year(I might go to Montreal to see the grand ma too).

smurfmatic said:

Salut cousin! Oui, merci pour ton msg, et l'invitation. J'ai vu tes photos d'Atlanta. Hope you're having a good time where you are. How does it feel to be deep down South? I always wondered... Bon, a bientot! (Oui, viens l'ete, pas mal plus agreable... a moins que tu veuilles subir l'hiver canadien...)

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