Unremarkable remarks of a mix for Ced

This was excellent, and in fact in some other CDs S gave me, there was the stuff I'm looking for right now (Annie, The Arcade Fire - not that they're very similar in style). Music CDs are like wine, it seems...

Memorable music from the trip was Yuki's Joy, and Supercar's B-sides. The first was bought in a music store in the shopping mall within Hiroshima train station. The second was bought at the HMV in Shibuya, same one where I spent hours in 2002 looking for a bunch of CDs for friends to buy. There is always memorable music to memorable events, let them be extended as trips, or punctual as parties. What are your memorable albums, songs?

(On that particular mix, I thought there was some amount of familiar-sounding indiepop... Anyways, b/c I never actually gave my impressions in person ('cause I wasn't in person for 5 months!), tracks 3, 6, 8, 10, 16 and 18 were really fresh-sounding - not stuff I listened to, or am listening to right now, but which if I knew how to find, would definitely like. The girl on the escalator - so many girls on the escalator indeed...

I'm a cuckoo (not on the mix) by Belle and Sebastian was also memorable, 'cause of the Harajuku connection. Shame on me that I wasn't in Tokyo on both my weekends.

Sleep the clock around is basically what I felt like doing on certain days. Certainly you want to walk the New Place until you die of sleep deprivation, but it certainly didn't feel that way when I was there. Some days I'd push the infamy of staying in until 1PM!

Judy and Mary's Radio just pushed me to like the defunct band even more, and purchase their double album in Hong Kong, a few months later.



Jae said:

Orbital's Brown Album is totally London for me, cos I looped it for hours on my first solo trek there. <3

OP for Tokyo Love Story for Tokyo, sadly enough XD~

Can't think of other music that I connect, but.

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