negative campaign ads

Turns out that on the radio, the Liberals use either 1- modern/deconstructive music or 2- military music with soldiers footsteps and regiment drums, in their ads to discredit the Conservative Party. I think it's going to be all blue (Bloc and Cons) in Ottawa next Monday.



gg said:

Haven't heard their radio ads, but if they're anything like their TV ones, I'm sure they're "interesting".

Re your 15 Jan entry: you like Metric? They make great long-urban-walk background music... they actually came to Queen's last year ( of course, when I wasn't around. But they're coming back this 28 Feb... of course, when I won't be around again.

Wanting to share alone moments: Reminds me, I remember the first "date" I'd hoped for with my undergrad unrequited. It was to see Amelie at the AMC Cinemas where the Forum used to be at Atwater. Of course she said no... but I went anyway. And it was still a beautiful film.

My point is, walks, films, coffee, travel - life - definitely would be great to share, I pine for it all the time... but even alone, they're still all definitely things worth the time, and appreciating for its "niceness".

smurfmatic said:

Thanks for the tip - I found out they're coming on March 1st to Montreal.

Yup. I'm becoming a big fan of CBC Radio 3, and am fond of the many bands playing on it...

(I sent you an e-mail about Friday. I'm not sure which is your current official e-mail, so I sent it to the one you use for commenting)

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