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I've been listening to a lot of radio, which is at times music, and also public affairs shows. As for music, this means moving from the usual Asian pop, or less pop, to music that would be, not necessarily more "mainstream", but certainly more North American. And whatever "mainstream" means, when one of your favourite podcast reached 1 million downloads. I guess it's a pleasant thought to think of oneself as indie. And then I think that this sort of music, selected by this kind of people (a relative small group of people working within a national govt-funded broadcasting corporation - in French, and English) should tasteful. Anyways, i was trying to find arguments, but I suppose it's music for the musically undecisive.

Arcade Fire - Une Année Sans Lumière - I've been shuffling some stuff around. The Arcade Fire, b/c I didn't catch the fever last year, for having been too 'asianated' at that time. The first "Neighborhood" tracks clearly sound to me as a walk in Montreal. "Une Année Sans Lumière" is the long walk I would've had on Wednesday or Thursday night, b/c of its wet-pavement-after-the-passing-rain feel. Slightly like Friday's walk, finalement. (Some lyrics are sung in French, but it wasn't really apparent in the first place, coming from someone who doesn't "fully perceive" lyrics in languages other than French. So the song was originally taken as randomized vocals...)

Mara Tremblay - Les démons - If the acoustic guitar reminds me of Brokeback Mountain, it's just per my lack of Country references. XD I bought the album ("Les Premières Lunes") a week or so ago, and have been playing it over and over again. It's a lovely album full of love (I was going to say, a pot of love you spread on your toast in the morning - but that sounds a tad denigrating wrt album - which is one I like, or else I wouldn't have purchased it!). It came to my attention that the artist is happily married to another somewhat-known Quebec artist (Daniel Grenier, formerly of humour band, The Chick'n Swell), and that they've kids. It's been commented that she was in love, even if many people, who happen to be artists, can be in love, and you probably wouldn't know just by listening to their music! But I paid attention to this album, and it makes your experience fuller. You know, like the love of your kids, that you put into this world with the one you love; that's in it. XD; I've chosen "Les démons", b/c like anyone, I have demons, *g*, and instead of being fiery and violent like a usual demon, this song is soft and plentiful of hope.

Jean Leloup - Ballade à Toronto - Another French song, please bear with me. A more personal song. I caught myself humming this uncontrollably coming out from my January 1st electronica night experience. It is also the first track of the album that represents to me strolling in the countryside of a wet tropical country. XD The title rather suggests a road trip to Toronto with frequent stops on the side of Lake Ontario... It is not a road trip I did myself, even if I've been to Toronto by road most of the times I've gone there - b/c one doesn't see Lake Ontario, unless you take small roads. (Tant qu'il y aura des étoiles, nous devrons nous arrêter / As long as there'll be stars, we'll have to stop by)

YUKI - Stand Up! Sister - The first dir on my player plays automatically whenever the machine resets b/c of static, or when I run a bit too violently after the bus. :P And Yuki's 2003 album, Commune, has been in first position since the month after Labour Day (incidently, I started listening to Commune on my last trip to Toronto on Labour Day). And overall, this album is simply superior to her previous ("PRISMIC" - too eclectic) and her latest one ("JOY" - too pop), with its "70s feel", and per the quality of the visual work surrounding the album (single covers, music videos) as well. The singles from that album are the what I imagine as the middle of a baseball lineup, even if it's not really it, 'cause they're tracks 6-7-8, although it's one of those albums that are good from one end to another. In fact, it felt so homogeneous that I could hardly tell tracks apart on the first few times I've listened to Commune (especially b/c the track names were in Japanese characters :P). The video of "Stand Up! Sister" has Yuki drooling around and making every reborn with her salive... ... oh well, a song on the theme of rebirth?

(I would also put something in Chinese, but really hasn't been anything that I liked lately which wasn't, like, The Pancakes or My Little Airport... The Sun Yanzi, or Faye Wong..., not really at this moment. I think it'd be nice to discover new Chinese bands/artists, not just from the PRC, but from across the 'Chinese nation', but that hasn't come up, and it's too much effort... So yeah, there's always a comment box! :D)


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