The music of happy

At the beginning of this week, S passed on to me some new music by Tsuji Ayano. At least the album that's currently playing (Cover Girl) is like April in Japan (in fact, the newest 'Calendar Calendar' is 12 songs for each month of the year). Pleasant, like a stroll in the Tokyo suburb, along the canal, under the sakuras and a big blue sky. From the transparent biodegradable bag, I take out the nigiri I just bought for 145円 from the Family Mart ("damnit, it's salmon roe!"). Wipe the taste in my mouth with a sip from my carton of Hokkaido milk ("damnit, it's not milk, rather yogurt drink!"). What a gentle breeze.

[music: Tsuji Ayano - Never can say goodbye]

(Note: 'Cover Girl' is a cover album, that also contains a few English songs re-taken in Japanese, in this mellow acoustic register w/ trademark ukulele.)


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