Coding's a nocturnal sport, err, art, err, profession?

Intense work makes me want to ... produce music mixes.

I tend to think of coding as arranging more or less minute bits of machinery - screws and bolts, or bunches of gears placed together and hopefully turning to produce useful work... such is the grunt work of coding. I would also think that somewhere in the future some people (surely ourselves) would make our work deal with larger, more self-contained sorts of machinery. The same way that the people who came up with relatively high-level languages made writing in assembly code something you just see in class, or if you work on electronic devices that aren't standard computers. Something like that.

Let's ponder on this: Montreal's cold, but not as cold as it'd be in the north pole, or London if the Gulf Stream went counterclockwise.

Damn, I hate it when I feel as if reinventing the wheel. Holy grail of programming anyone? (A: the machine that codes for you) Now some Dilbert.


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