Belle and Sebastian in Montreal


A fine show by Belle and Sebastian at the Metropolis. Got there at approximately a quarter past 8, just in time for the pre-show that was starting, with Canadian band The New Pornographers. It was a song I knew, but of course, I don't know the name - about the same for most of the B&S songs. Not a weird thing when you know the band for only three years, and have been since trying to catch up on their 10 years career.

Stuart Murdoch is very chatty and energetic on stage. At some point during the show, he descended to meet the crowd, while Stevie (the band's other male vocals) was starting on Jonathan David. Your Cover's Blown was played after the second time a girl from the balcony yelled for it. they played all the songs from the new album, except the drunken slow ones, like Song For Sunshine, or Act of the Apostle Part 2. There were many pieces from the older albums, some of which I've never heard before - being on If You Are Feeling Sinister or something else that's pre-1999. Finished with a two-song encore, ultimately concluding with one favourite, Sleep The Clock Around (for not seeing S at all during or after the show - could be what she's done, b/c *I* was falling asleep dead asleep on the bus to/from show, and even during the show >_>).

(Edit: lolz, petronia says via lj that she was indeed in the crowd, and in fact in my photo! "one of the heads about two people back, trumpettist's corner". She caught a setlist.)


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