CBC Tour here we come!

Found free full-length tracks of some of the bands playing tomorrow, and instead of hot-linking, decided to take them up on the Tacos. :D

Hexes and Ohs - alive until saturday
Hexes and Ohs - this and other distances
Hexes and Ohs - Whadaya Know? (video)

Hexes and Ohs is a Montreal band (in fact, all four bands playing tomorrow *are* from Montreal) into electropop (with the usual synth). Whadaya Know? is actually what did the sale in my case (as playing on the radio three podcast). "Whadaya know? You're the flavour of the week!", a very fast-paced high-energy track that makes you want to go out and party on a Saturday Night. Really. [credits on the Hexes and Ohs news page]

Pony Up! - Wet Unmastered
Pony Up! - Heard You Got Action
Pony Up! - Speed Of Light

Pony Up! An all-female quatuor quartet. If you have only one to download, "heard you got action" is teh funny naughty girl talk. "Let's talk about baseball!" XD

Comme un homme libre and Alligator Trio are the other two bands performing (more tomorrow).

[Edit: The show is now, and I can't go b/c 1- I woke up late for it, and 2- I have a stack, a heap, a list, a map, and a hashstacklisttable, basically a COLLECTION of work to do. T_T]



Ooh, sweet. Thanks for the tunes. =)

"quatuor" - I was on my high school's Génies en herbe team, we made it to Quebec City for a televised (on SRC) game against some Québecois team. They clearly trounced us (like 400 to 100... 85 of those points were mine though!) seeing as how they actually knew French and we didn't... anyway, on the mots-croisés part, that was my question: a 7-letter word for a band made of 4 members. I said "quartet", trying to make that English word sound as French as possible... "kahr-TETT"... The host just laughed in my face, and "quatuor" popped up on screen. Me the silly Anglophone.

smurfmatic said:

lol, so quartet it is. ^^V

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