I'm such a stubborn asshole

I always made up my mind that Lali Puna is sort of like Ladytron, for having not listening to anything (despite being given the chance on many occasion) from them until 5 minutes ago, but now think they taste more like Stereolab. "Grin and Bear" on Comfort Radio (live feed).

In 2001 or 2002, I fell for a Japanese web-radio fed by a Mac-loving hipster on, now defunct, cyberblocks.net. From there, stemmed my fondness for Shibuya-kei (Cornelius, Takako Minekawa, Karimi Karie, Kaji Hideki, and the rest of Cornelius' old Trattoria label), and for artists like The Brilliant Green, Spitz, Supercar, My Little Lover, Towa Tei. So yeah, my fascination for Japanese muzzak lives b/c of a web radio. Now the Comfort Radio, while seemingly a very minor webradio (I'm the only listener, out of 15 available slots), has been giving me lots of really really enjoyable music for the past week.


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