Club Espagnol (encore)

Went to the Club Espagnol, prior to Annie show, which was at this Club Lambi across the street. My second recent time there, after first visit in January. It turns out to be a quite good paella, served in its individual metal plate (b/c I have been used to eating fast-food paella in a gang plate). The thing is right precious enough to deserve recognition. The peppers scattered, the shrimp sprinkled, and the mussels guarding - not to forget the chicken pieces (one breast chunk, one thigh chunk) delightfully cooked to perfect tenderness. It's not so often I can be as poetic about my food. It didn't matter though, b/c I gulped it down, and it required a coffee, six hours after consumption of said paella, to wash it down.

It was a good paella, but it didn't look as good as last time. It's a shame that I don't have photos. I didn't have my camera last time, and this time I just assumed I had pics last time. >_> Anyways, the extra two bucks for squid ink is really worth it, b/c it really borgifies (the only imagery I can make about the change of color) the usual natural valenciana paella (I didn't have the vegetarian, but wouldn't a paella w/o seafood or meat whatsoever destroy the purpose?).

[I cannot think about the Annie show, but I have pics, and would like to make a complete post rather than something botched up. Just like for a honest commentary on the first novel I've been passionately reading during this past year.]


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