Spanish-style chicken

Spanish-style chicken
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When my mother used to own the Dunkin' Donuts in Eaton Centre, there was, for the first few years, a Spanish restaurant called "Paella" right next to ours (before it became La Friterie). I was so amazed with their chicken that I asked for the recipe... I don't remember all of it, but I tried re-creating it tonight. For sure it had olives, onions, and peppers, and most probably a tomato base. But what was it that made it so good? I am trying to find out - the paella last week (while I don't think contained any) points to lemon...

B/c that's what people do for stews, I also dumped a good 300mL of cheap white wine. The thing is simmering downstairs in the kitchen and all I hope is that the broth doesn't dry out completely and that the chicken is as tender as it was in my paella.


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